ACE Healthcare (Private) Limited

ACE Healthcare (Pvt) Ltd, established to furbish the demand of cosmetic, derma, nutraceutical and pharmaceutical products locally and globally. Sensing the deep need growth in the general public and staggering growth to envisage the supply in the industry, the manufacturing Plant has been rooted in the outskirts of Colombo where it complies with all the industry standards and its core value in producing and supplying into the market. The Plant which is based on highly advanced Technology and research Labs to monitor the quality and reliability of products manufactured on a contributor basis. ACE Healthcare (Pvt) Ltd prides in itself by following the quality guideline of the industry that is effective and efficient enough to cater to the market qualm. All necessary safety measures have been adhered and monitored right throughout the country at an affordable price.

With high technology and automated machineries, modular designed clean rooms with airborne particles and contaminants, pollutants are kept within strict limits with the help of technologically advanced protective security systems.

Dressing of the Plant will comply with all national an international standards, local and global environmental certifications and also the globally accepted green certification such as LEAD.

ACE adheres and follows stringently with cGMP, WHO-GMP compliance in Sri Lanka with the intention of catering to domestic and global demands.


Is the brain-child of the Managing Director, Dr (Eng) Thushara Lanka Weerawardane who envisioned a local based manufacturing Plant to produce quality, reliable and economical product to the general public of Sri Lanka. His experience, exposure and vast knowledge of the industry has given him the edge over the rest to be proactive and provide a cost-effective and affordable quality product to the improve the wellness of av,erase Sri Lankan.

Rules and Regulations

Initial development began in Cosmetic and Dermatology Plant. Subsequently followed by nutraceutical and pharmaceutical plants. The Plant is planned to provide high capacity cosmetic and derma facilities by strictly following the guidelines of the local CGMP, internationally recognized WHO-GMP and GREEN Certification such as LEAD in order to make environment friendly production process for the benefit of both the consumer and the nation.

ACE Healthcare products are manufactured based on natural, herbal and chemical solutions that are optimal in benefits hence providing a richer lifestyle to the public.

Consumers today are well aware of the health, beauty and personal image that they portray in the society in comparison to their counterparts of few generation before. Consumer and scientifically relevant nutraceutical ingredients contribute a powerful edge to the brands.

The range of products focuses on improved lifestyle and wellness health management, in general.


"To be the leader in empowering the quality of life of every individual."


"To bestow the global necessity of personal care and healthcare with a supreme potential to innovate high quality, affordable and reliable solutions as the guardian of lives with the concern on stakeholders."

Quality Policy

ACE is committed to preserve and improve the customers’ quality of life by consistently delivering high quality, safe and effective products that meet or exceed customer expectations. To meet this commitment, ACE maintains a quality focused culture to ensure the highest priority is placed on the safety, efficacy and reliability of our products, the safety of our customers, the quality of data supporting regulatory submissions, and interactions with our stakeholders. ACE management has a dedicated responsibility to adhere to all currently applicable regulatory requirements and to maintain an effective quality management system through the active involvement of the management and all employees and to continually improve it.